Barriers can be made from a variety of materials – steel, stainless steel, glass, wood, wrought iron elements, mesh or chain link and more. It all depends on what the barrier will be used for. Industrial-grade barriers are generally galvanized or stainless steel as these will not rust. In the private sector, the most common materials are wood and wrought iron, depending on tastes. Wrought iron elements are also used to make fencing. They are also suitable for Old Town and historical environments. Wood handrails can be made from various types of wood and sizes of timber, and they can also be finished according to taste (lacquered, stained, painted etc). The most important function of railings and barriers is safety. Only then comes the visual aspect. Glass barriers have an especially pure and modern look, and they are used on more premium type sites such as office buildings and luxury residential buildings as the price of the material is relatively costly. Chain-link or mesh barriers are among the more cost-effective solutions and well suited for industrial use, factories and substations.

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